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INC. Networking

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INC. Networking | Ton van de Ven

The INC. System 

Networking based on personal introductions.

INC. Networking is the only networking organisation where ‘a personal introduction guarantee’ is applicable via our unique triangular meetings. We focus on making that personal introduction while you focus on your business.

INC. Community

International Networking and Community Platform.

All INC. Members have access to our Private Community Platform, where our team shares news about networking and business. This platform provides easy access to connect to other members via chat or videoconferencing.

INC. Services

Exceptional Services and visibility.

INC. Networking offers a wide range of supportive services to boost your professional growth. You can attend or host the monthly masterclass or showcase your products or services on the INC. Webshop AND receive exposure on all our social media platforms. 

Our Focus


We always guarantee and facilitate quality with everything we do.

We insure that the quality of our INC. Members is visible.

Our team has a high intrinsic motivation to focus on quality.

We are actively committed to every INC. Member.

We fulfill our moral obligations.

Our team is always present when INC. Members are introduced to each other.


We are approachable; even when the number of INC. Members grow. 

As an organisation we guarantee and achieve results for our INC. Members.

Our INC. Support Team grows as the INC. Organisation grows globally.

We guide and train our INC. Members to guarantee the INC. Networking standard.

We are always busy to expand our services.


We focus on making the Personal Introductions for You.

Our team always has a personal conversation with each INC. Member to gain insights into their business model in order to enable us to focus on their desired results and goals.

Promises are kept.

Our team provides the first contact between INC. Members.

Online & Offline Meetings
Thank You's
Personal Introductions
Member Turnover


Discover the Art of Networking and Branding your Business!
Are you ready to expand your network in a new way?
We personally Introduce… You! 
Are you committed to invest and take you & your business to the Next Level?
We connect to bring you the Results you Need!

Aleksandr Stommels
Aleksandr Stommels
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Good place to network!
Wieger Daalman
Wieger Daalman
Read More
INC. initiators are extremely driven and amiable. The concept is well put together. As a (starting) entrepreneur, it offers a professional and attractive environment. The “turnover guarantee model” creates visible effort from INC. The fifth star is still missing and is linked to future events. These events are tailor-made to the wishes and needs of the members. This will increase the value of the membership proceeds enormously. In short, don't hesitate and let's meet at the next event
Amanda Schiltmans
Amanda Schiltmans
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Networking is more than exchanging business cards! The INC. team makes connections with valuable contacts as a result. Nice club of involved entrepreneurs!
Louis Baerts
Louis Baerts
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What a personal network is INC Networking! First an invitation to their meeting, then a personal meeting in which not only are they told the advantages of their business, but also a personal guarantee is given. Not a quick win-action, but they really take the time to explain and ask questions. And last but not least Ton, Martin and Eva who together give the concept of a network club a completely different interpretation. Be sure to visit one of the meetings, more than worth it 😉👍🏼
Wouter Melkert
Wouter Melkert
Read More
Valuable network to meet passionate entrepreneurs in a relaxed setting.
Ramon Rahangmetan
Ramon Rahangmetan
Read More
A close network that is always open to new ideas, connections and collaborations. Not only valuable for entrepreneurs, but also for those who are looking for inspiration from the purity of human stories that makes each of us unique. Making connections, building & maintaining relationships and making an impact together for the good of society. This is the network to meaningful results. Thank you Ton!
Shirley Dap
Shirley Dap
Read More
Special how INC. Networking knows how to connect the lines. Every conversation provides inspiration and contacts to be able to take further steps. The human-to-human approach makes it personal. Listening and the drive to actually want to mean something is what sets this club apart. Also the creativity with which ideas or ways are presented. Of absolute added value!

Community Platform

Specially for our INC. Members and all people that like to know more about our Member Network we have created the INC. Community.

On the Private Community Platform INC. Members and our Team share news about networking and business.

It is also an easy way to connect with other members by Chat or Crovv Videoconference.

Also you can find the different INC. groups / chapters with all online & offline meeting information.

The INC. Members and Team can give high quality recommendations with our recommendation tool.

If you like to see more click on the button below to register and upload your profile.

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Impressions of our business meetings

More about INC. Networking

Trio Meetings

Get in touch with the prospect you want to reach; take advantage of our recommendations.

Crovv Video Chat

Your own professional video conference facility for online communication and training purposes.

INC. Shop

Offer your products and/or services in a joint webshop for more reach and higher results.


Together with our partners we focus on the best Quality, Service & Results. 

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